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40 Tons of Chicken Meat and Minced Meat Sent back to the Netherlands

Violations of the Veterinary Law were detected in two consignments of frozen chicken meat and minced meat (total weight of 40 tons) imported from the Netherlands (Province Gelderland, Plant NL 5033, and veterinary certificates dd. 19.12.2013 No. 87080081 and dd 20.12.2013 No. 87113403). The violations were detected at the border checkpoint “MAPP Mamonovo (the Kaliningrad Oblast)”.  The examination carried out by experts of the Rosselkhoznadzor Territorial Administration for the Kaliningrad Oblast revealed discrepancy between the name of the slaughter house indicated in the pallet sheet (NL5018EG) and the name of the slaughter house indicated in the veterinary certificate (UK3011EC). Pre-export table in Item 4 of the veterinary certificates is not filled in both cases.

The both consignment were sent back with a non-manipulation declaration.

Enhanced laboratory control has been imposed 4 times on products from Plant NL 5033 since 2009 due to detection of banned and harmful substances: oxycycline, tetracycline, salmonella, listeria and due to excessive levels of QMAFAnM. Temporary restrictions have been imposed on import of poultry meat, beef and pork from the Netherlands since March 2013. 

Dec 27, 2013

Categorys: Veterinary , Import. Export. Transit