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Results of the Rosselkhoznadzor’s activity in soil samples splitting and its analysis for 9 months of 2013

Rosselkhoznadzor’s Local Administrations together with the subordinate federal state budgetary institutions in order to control over maintaining of soil fertility and identification of chemical, pathogen and ecopathogen contaminations in soils took 24900 samples, including 15100 samples for agrochemical tests and 11700 samples for chemical and toxicological tests. Decrease of soil fertility was detected on 25800 ha. Area of chemically contaminated soils is 11200 ha.

There were more than 1000 cases of contamination with heavy metal salts, 755 cases of microbiological contamination and 718 cases of excess of the maximum allowable concentration of nitrate nitrogen.

Results of the Rosselkhoznadzor’s activity in agricultural lands inspections in order to identify cluttering, dumps and refuse tips

Almost 3000 illegal dumps were detected on 4500 ha of agricultural lands by Rosselkhoznadzor’s Local Administrations.

1667 dumps were formed on 2300 ha by municipal self-governments due to their failure to fulfill responsibilities to organize collection and disposal of household waste and garbage according to Russian Federation Federal Law No. 131-FZ of October 6, 2003 ” General principles of organization of local self-government in the Russian Federation”. 660 dumps on 409,5 ha were formed by citizens, 30 dumps on 1,6 ha by horticultural cooperatives, 620 dumps on 1740 ha by other persons. Rosselkhoznadzor’s Local Administrations imposed fines amounting to more than 20 million rubles and issued 2365 orders by these facts.

1426 illegal dumps were undone due to performance of Rosselkhoznadzor’s orders to eliminate the violations of land legislation. About 1500 ha of agricultural lands were put in use. 

Nov 26, 2013

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