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About global epidemic situation on highly pathogenic avian influenza

Global epidemic situation on avian influenza remains complicated. In 2008 avian influenza outbreaks have been registered in 23 countries and still there is a tendency of virus spread. Outbreaks in India and the Primorsky Krai, the Russian Federation, serve to prove that.

In order to provide the epidemic safety in the Russian Federation the appropriate measures should be taken as follows:

- to carry out yearly monitoring of avian influenza in migratory, synanthropic and domestic birds, including poultry farms;

- to work out and to annually approve the schemes of submission of samples to the veterinary laboratory for research on immunity stress to avian influenza;

- to list local private subsidiary holdings from which birds should be sampled for research on vaccine-challenged immunity stress to avian influenza (not less than 25 blood serum samples from one settlement);

- to vaccinate domestic birds and pigeons in private subsidiary holdings in the areas of maximum contact with wild birds, as well as near poultry farms and enterprises;

- if necessary, to expand the territory of vaccination of birds against avian influenza;

- to put forward a suggestion to municipal administrations that they should record livestock bird population before vaccination;

- to reveal poultry owners who refuse to vaccinate their birds against avian influenza and to impose administrative and other measures on them;

- to listen to the reports of the heads of poultry farms and enterprises at the sessions of emergency operations centers on prevention of avian influenza spread on the territory of the Russian Federation;

- in case of avian influenza outbreaks to take appropriate measures in accordance with the Regulations on avian influenza control, approved by Order №90 of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia dated 27.03.06.

Expropriation and elimination of birds should be carried out in accordance with Regulations of expropriation and elimination of livestock and livestock products in the course of eradication of highly dangerous animal diseases approved by Act №310 of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 26.05.06.

Deputy Head of Rosselkhoznadzor

May 14, 2008

Categorys: Administration , Epizootic situation