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Negotiations between Alexey Saurin and Salah Moamen Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Lands Reclamation and Director of the Veterinary Services and Enforcement Department of Egypt

Before the meeting Alexey Saurin remarked constructive nature of the Russian-Egyptian relations in the field of a phyto-quarantine cooperation.  At the same time he expressed concern about the fact that such quarantine objects (potato brown rot, Mediterranean fruit fly and dodder seeds) have been reported in Egyptian plant products in 31 cases this year. Therefore, the Rosselkhoznadzor had to impose temporary restrictions on import of such products to Russia from the plants that have violated the requirements. The Rosselkhoznadzor is especially concerned about 23 cases of brown rot reported this year in consignments of Egyptian potatoes. Therefore, temporary restrictions were imposed on import of potatoes from 11 zones of Egypt. In order to correct the current situation the Rosselkhoznadzor considers it reasonable to impose temporary restrictions on import of potatoes from 11 zones of three regions of Egypt during 2 vegetation seasons and to close import from El Beheira. However such protective measures will result in at least 70% decrease in import of potatoes to Russia. In his turn Salah Moamen highly appreciated potential for cooperation between Russia and Egypt in the field of plant protection and quarantine. He assured that after the Egyptian competent authorities had received a notification from the Rosselkhoznadzor on detection of quarantine objects, they started an official investigation into infestation of products intended for the Russian market. Soil, irrigation water, transportation and cultivation conditions, handling at the package stations were examined. Salah Moamen believes the measures taken by the Central Quarantine Administration of the Ministry of agriculture of Egypt will help to comply with the international and Russian phytosanitary requirements for import of potatoes to the Russian market. 

May 14, 2013

Categorys: Phytosanitary , Seed control , Import. Export. Transit