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Negotiations between the Rosselkhoznadzor and Representatives from Poland on Issues Related to Quarantine Product Mutual Supply

The meeting took place on the fields of the International Agricultural Exhibition “Green Week” in Berlin. During the talks the parties discussed conditions of planting material supplies from Poland to the Russian market.  These conditions are specified by the RF accession to the WTO and as a consequence by the necessity to harmonize phytosanitary import-export requirements. 

In this connection the Polish party expressed an initiative to denounce the Agreement on Collaboration between two countries concluded in 2009 as according to the EU Commission it contradicts the requirements of international documents.

In its turn the Russian party explained that Poland had a right to make such decision unilaterally. Herewith Polish colleagues were notified that in case of such decision and on the basis of the negotiations between the Russian Federation and EU Commission on import-export issues the Russian Party may consider of introduction of restrictive measures on planting material supplies from Europe as well as from the Republic of Poland.

Besides the Russian party emphasized that the agreement related to the possibility of Polish planting material (first of all plants with exposed roots) supplies reached in the end of 2012 remains in force.

Taking into account the fact that according to international standards for phytosanitary measures planting material is a dangerous kind of product the Russian party considers that it is possible to export these products only on security of the national phytosanitary service from harmful quarantine organism free zones, areas and sites of production.

Herewith in the interests of trading relations the Russian party informed about its intention to temporarily recognize nurseries which had earlier been monitored by Russian and Polish specialists as harmful quarantine organism free zones, areas and sites of production.

Russian experts directed Polish colleague’s attention to the fact that according to the terms of international documents nursery inspection frequency was not discussed. It is mainly determined on the basis of phytosanitary risk analysis and characteristics of harmful organism growth biology.

The Rosselkoznadzor underlined that the RF requirements are based on international standards for phytosanitary measures and they will be applied to all the EU member countries.

During the meeting the issue concerning detection of quarantine in Russia oriental fruit moth in supplies from Poland was under discussion.

Taking into account the fact that the territory of Poland is officially recognized as oriental fruit moth free the Rosselkhoznadzor requested to submit all materials on the work conducted by the Polish party aimed at identification of contamination source. Polish colleagues obliged to provide all the necessary information as soon as possible.

The parties expressed a hope that the EU work related to the planting material import issues will be effective and free product movement within the EU territory will be regulated. 

Jan 17, 2013

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