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About the participation of Rosselkhoznadzor specialists in the work of the FAVA 17th International Congress

The specialists of the FGBI “Federal Centre for Animal Health” within the jurisdiction of the Rosselkhoznadzor took part in the work of the FAVA (Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations) 17th International Congress held in Taipei, the capital of the Republic of China Taiwan on January 4 to 7, 2013. English, American and Spanish specialists as well as the delegations from the member countries of this association took part in the Congress. There reports on acute problems of  animal infectious pathology as well as specific FMD, avian influenza preventive measures and some of the exotic zooanthroponoses, significant for Russia (hantaviruses, West Nile virus) and dangerous disease control strategies were presented.

The great part was devoted to bacterial and noncontagious diseases, surgery, the tomography of  pigs and small ruminants.

Within the work of the Congress scientific research results as well as products of such companies as Merial, Boehringeringelheim, Hill’s, MsD, Virbac, IDEX, Bayer etc. were exhibited.

At the request of the National Inspectorate for Animal and Plant Disease Control of the Republic of China Taiwan the specialists from the FGBI “Federal Centre for Animal Health” delivered reports on the topic “The variety of FMD virus and the scientific approach to the choice of strains for FMD vaccines”. The great interest was demonstrated to the presentations of Russian specialists. 

Jan 16, 2013

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