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Meeting between Sergey Dankvert, Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor, and Alexandre Neves, Representative of French Company “Vilmorin” in the CIS Countries

Alexandre Neves made Sergey Dankvert aware of the main activities of “Vilmorin” company which is one of the leading and oldest seed producing companies in the world. The research facilities of the company which was founded by farmers as a plant and seed boutique 270 years ago are located in the south of France, in Spain, Italy, Brazil, Australia and the USA. Speaking about vegetable seed assortment Alexandre Neves focused on the difficulties which arise during the registration of new cultivars in the Russian territory and expressed his deep concerns due to a wide spread of poor quality and counterfeit seeds on the Russian market.

As Sergey Dankvert said it was very important to place high quality seed products on the market. He pointed out that only the development of domestic production would let to dispense with a large scale import of fruit and vegetables. This year Russia has imported 1, 600, 000 tons of table potato, 400, 000 tons of cabbage and 450, 000 tons of beet root.

Sergey Dankvert described the Rosselkhoznadzor actions aimed at shutting down of illegal import channels of seeds and seedlings to Russia. Therefore the Rosselkhoznadzor had introduced the restrictions on import of quarantinable products in baggage and hand luggage of the passengers coming from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan and strengthened the control of import of such products from other countries. Herewith as Russia is going to access the WTO it studies the mechanisms ensuring the safety of such products in other countries in order to create the equivalent system in Russia. Valery Shmal, President of the State Selective Breeding Commission, took Alexandre Neves into the details of the system for new vegetable cultivar registration in Russia.


Jun 8, 2012

Categorys: Phytosanitary , Seed control , Administration