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Ban on Import of a Large Consignment of Seed and Planting Material at Bryansk Inspection Posts

Import of six consignments of seed and planting material was banned at Bryansk border inspection posts on April 17 -19.

In the course of phytosanitary control it was found out, that three consignments of sunflower seeds from Italy lacked documents confirming their varietal and sowing properties. Besides data on the consignment origin in the phytosanitary certificate did not correspond to the information indicated in the shipping document.

Import of another three consignments of ornamental transplants was suspended due to analogical reasons.

About 49 tons of seeds and three thousand transplants were returned to the exporters in Italy, Moldova and Ukraine in total.

Apr 20, 2012

Categorys: Phytosanitary , Seed control , Import. Export. Transit