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Based on the Results of Negotiations between the Rosselkhoznadzor and the Tanzanian Competent Authority the Import of Raw Tobacco and Tobacco Offal to Russia is Resumed

On August 31, the Rosselkhoznadzor held negotiations in a video format with the Plant Health Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security, and Cooperatives of the United Republic of Tanzania. The meeting was also attended by representatives of the Embassy of Tanzania in Russia.

The parties discussed the restrictions imposed by the Rosselkhoznadzor since July 19, 2021 on the import of raw tobacco and tobacco offal (EAEU HS code 2401) from a number of countries. The phorid fly Megaselia scalaris (Loew), a quarantine pest for the EAEU countries, was repeatedly detected in the products, imported from these countries. The ban also affected shipments from Tanzania.

The Rosselkhoznadzor detected Megaselia scalaris in one consignment of tobacco products imported from Tanzania in 2020, and in two consignments in 2021. The Service sent notifications about the cases to representatives of the Tanzanian competent authority.

The Tanzanian side reported that it had conducted an investigation into the causes of the incident and strengthened control over the supply of tobacco products abroad. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperatives of Tanzania reported about the shipment of such consignments. Raw tobacco from tobacco factories are transported in sealed containers to the port, where they are disinfected and ventilated. According to the Tanzanian colleagues, the entry of the humpback fly into the products could be facilitated, in particular, by rainy weather, in this regard, they have taken measures to ensure that the loading zone of goods remains dry. Other possible causes of cargo contamination were also voiced. The Tanzanian side informed that it had tried to eliminate the problems and prevent further deliveries of raw tobacco raw infested with Megaselia scalaris to Russia.

Following the negotiations, the Rosselkhoznadzor, under the guarantees of the Tanzanian Competent Authority to take comprehensive phytosanitary measures in relation to exported raw tobacco raw and tobacco offal to the Russian Federation, cancels the ban on the supply of such products from Tanzania from September 2, 2021.

Sep 1, 2021

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