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Rosselkhoznadzor held talks with the Indian Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare

In view of the request of the AO VPK NPO Mashinostroeniye on problems related to the shipment of the military-industrial complex products in wooden containers, the Rosselkhoznadzor held talks with representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare of India on August 6.

During the negotiations, the parties discussed the requirements of the Indian party for the supply of packaging material made of wood. The Rosselkhoznadzor was interested in the rules for the import of goods in wooden containers, pallets, boxes that do not belong to the agricultural category. The Indian colleagues informed that according to the country's legislation and in accordance with the international standard ISPM No. 15 during such transportation it is sufficient to treat such packaging materials with substances ensuring that the quarantine products are not infected with harmful organisms. Information about this should be indicated on the marking applied to the wooden containers.

When shipping only wooden packaging, without any goods in it, it is necessary to issue a phytosanitary certificate.

Currently, the Rosselkhoznadzor is waiting for official information from the Indian party on the specified above issue.

The Rosselkhoznadzor thanked the Indian party for clarifying the requirements for export of these products. The Rosselkhoznadzor will inform the Russian exporters/importers about the rules discussed during the meeting.


Aug 6, 2021

Categorys: Phytosanitary , Import. Export. Transit