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The Rosselkhoznadzor Held Consultations on Plant Product Supply with Food Safety Agency of Azerbaijan

On March, 31 the Rosselkhoznadzor held talks with the representatives of the Food Safety Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan via videoconference.

The specialists of All-Russia Plant Quarantine Center (FGBI "VNIIKR") subordinated to the Rosselkhoznadzor also participated in the meeting.

The parties discussed a number of issues related to the export of Azerbaijani plant products to Russia. The foreign competent authority announced that in the western part of the country there is currently a procedure for merging private farms into one legal entity. The new organizational structure will ensure phytosanitary traceability of the manufactured products throughout the entire chain: from the greenhouse to the importer.

The Azerbaijani colleagues also addressed with the request to increase the number of video inspections of plant producers by up to 3-4 per day. The specialists of the FGBI "VNIIKR", in turn, noted that their priority is the quality of monitoring, not the speed of its implementation; however, they are ready to consider the issue of increasing the number of video inspections.

In addition, the parties discussed the possibility of allowing the Azerbaijani establishments, under the guarantees of the Food Security Agency, to supply tomatoes to Russia from zones, places and production sites free from tomato moth (Tuta absoluta (Povolny)) which is a quarantine pest in the EAEU. The Rosselkhoznadzor is ready to consider the proposal of the foreign authority after receiving the documents confirming the pest absence in these territories.

During the talks, the participants discussed the prospects for scientific exchange of methodological guidelines for the detection and identification of harmful organisms, rules for conducting phytosanitary observations, as well as inter-laboratory competence testing and purchasing pheromone traps for monitoring by the Azerbaijani competent authority.

Another topic of the dialogue was the integration of the both countries’ information systems in the phytosanitary field. The parties agreed on the significance of this work and noted the need for the dialogue at the level of technical specialists.  

Apr 5, 2021

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