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Sergey Dankvert Held Talks with Deputy Prime Minister of Republic of Belarus Alexander Subbotin

On February 3, talks between Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Sergey Dankvert and Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Subbotin were held through teleconferencing.

The parties discussed the issues of current cooperation and noted the progressive development of trade relations between the two countries.

However, Sergey Dankvert informed Alexander Subbotin that the Rosselkhoznadzor continued to detect non-compliances related to safety parameters, in particular medicinal product residues, in the products of some Belarusian poultry establishments. In view of this, the Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor asked the Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus to enhance the laboratory monitoring of animal products shipped to Russia and, at own discretion, to halt supplies from the establishments that fail to comply with the EAEU legislation for as long as investigation is carried out and corrective measures are implemented.

Another topic for discussion was the lack of regulations common for the EAEU countries to govern the growing of GMO seeds and plants and their movement between the countries, resulting in their free circulation in the EAEU and entry to Russia.

The parties agreed on the need to apply equivalent approaches to GMO seeds and the importance of careful control of seed products moved between Belarus and Russia.

According to FGIS “Argus-Phyto” data, 90 per cent of Russia’s total seed imports from other countries in 2020 entered the country via the Republic of Belarus. 

Feb 3, 2021

Categorys: Veterinary , Administration , Seed control , Import. Export. Transit