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Some Results of the Rosselkhoznadzor Delegation Visit to the New Zealand

During the visit the Russian delegation got an insight into the work of electronic systems of New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry assuring safety of production, turnover and marketing of animal and plant food products. Application of these systems lets New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture assure the safety effectively and track the route of all food products “from farm to fork”. Besides these certification electronic systems of regulated and quarantined shipments enable to simplify and accelerate significantly the issue of authorization documents during export and import operations. New Zealand specialists are aware and highly appreciate the Russian electronic systems used for veterinary surveillance like “Argus”, “Mercury” and “Vesta”. Joint usage of Russian and New Zealand electronic systems may serve as a basis for safety assurance of product consignments regulated by the State Veterinary Surveillance within soon-to-be signed Agreement on Free Trade between Russia and New Zealand. Russian experts also think that the cooperation between both countries in the sphere of practical application of certification electronic means and tracing of regulated products may become an important element of food safety assurance in the whole Asian and Pacific region. The Russian specialists showed a great interest in New Zealand phytosanitary certification systems, seed product certification, animal identification and traceability of regulated products as well as in surveillance procedure recording and production plant registration. The creation of similar domestic systems will enable to mitigate the existing risks significantly and increase the efficacy of Russian agricultural industry.

Dec 26, 2011

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