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Rosselkhoznadzor Strengthens Control of Glyphosate Residue Levels in Exported and Imported Grain

The Rosselkhoznadzor is concerned about the increasing number of detection cases of the increased herbicide glyphosate levels in grain products, both imported to Russia and exported from the country in 2020.

Thus, during the Rosselkhoznadzor inspection of buckwheat consignments intended for delivery to the European Union, the glyphosate levels were elevated by up to 7 times in three case.

In addition, the National Agency for Food Safety of the Republic of Moldova notified the Rosselkhoznadzor of the excessive glyphosate levels (by up to 57 times higher) in buckwheat groats shipped from the Kursk, Lipetsk, Bryansk and Voronezh Oblasts.

According to the results of safety inspections of grain products imported to Russia the Rosselkhoznadzor detected elevated glyphosate levels in 300 thousand tons of soybeans imported from Brazil. The levels were up to 14.2 times higher in 0.15 mg/kg than those established by the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 015/2011 "On grain safety".

Taking into account the steady global trend to restrict and ban the use of this herbicide, as well as the high degree of toxicity of glyphosate to humans and animals, as confirmed by studies of the World Health Organization (WHO), the Rosselkhoznadzor is strengthening the glyphosate control in grain products both in the domestic market of the country and during export-import operations.


Jan 27, 2021

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