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Konstantin Savenkov held negotiations with the Bi Kexin, Director General of the Import and Export Food Safety Bureau at the General Administration of Customs

Videoconference between  Konstantin Savenkov, Deputy Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor, and Bi Kexin, Director General of the Import and Export Food Safety Bureau at the General Administration of Customs took place on October 20.  The event was also attended by the Russian Trade Mission in China.

The parties noted that fruitful trade and economic relationships stemming from friendly relations between the countries and mutual commitment to progressive development of cooperation and efficient settlement of disputable issues have been established.

Konstantin Savenkov stressed that currently the Rosselkhoznadzor has enhanced control over animal product export from China due to the novel coronavirus infection pandemic. In particular the Rosselkhoznadzor will immediately suspend commodity export from Russian establishments in case of Covid-19 positive workers and will rapidly notify GAC of the People’s Republic of China about that.

Besides, in connection with the reports from the Chinese party about identification of  COVID-19 traces on the packaging of Russian fish products, the Rosselkhoznadzor organized selective monitoring of exported Russian consignments.  In the authority's  laboratories there has been created an opportunity to examine the packaging material for the presence of the causative agent of the novel coronavirus infection.

The Rosselkhoznadzor also reported that after receiving a notification from the Chinese party regarding  detection of the virus traces on the packaging of fish products that arrived at the port of Qingdao, it provided the Chinese party with materials confirming the absence of coronavirus infection agent in the crew of Russian ships.

Besides, basing on the recommendation of GAC of the People’s Republic of China the Russian authority requested results of Russian fish product tests for COVID-19 from Shandong government. The Rosselkhoznadzor is currently awaiting a response.

The Chinese party told the Rosselkhoznadzor that it welcomes all the control mechanisms proposed and implemented by the Russian authority and expects that the Russian business community takes the most responsible attitude to product export to China.

Another topic of the dialogue was the export of Russian meat products to China.  The Rosselkhoznadzor thanked the PRC General Administration of Customs for the highly valued right to supply beef and two types of beef offal from Russia to China.  In response to the Rosselkhoznadzor's appeal with a request to expand the list of permitted types of by-products, the Chinese party said that it was considering this issue and considered it possible to approve some of the proposals in the near future.

The parties also discussed the technical issue of detaining Russian containers with poultry products at the Chinese border.

The Rosselkhoznadzor addressed the PRC General Administration of Customs with a request to accept, as usual, containers with poultry products of Russian origin, which were certified for export to the PRC before receiving a notice from the Chinese party about the suspension of product export due to avian influenza reports in some regions of the country.

In conclusion the parties confirmed their intention to maintain a high level of relationships between the Services facilitating realization of Russia/China trade potential.

Oct 21, 2020

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