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Rosselkhoznadzor Held Talks with Peruvian National Fish Health Service (SANIPES) on Mutual Integration of Electronic Veterinary Certification Systems

On October 15, the Rosselkhoznadzor held talks with the representatives of the National Fish Health Service of Peru (SANIPES) through video-conferencing.

As part of the consultations, the participants discussed the issues related to the integration of the Russian Federation information system FGIS “VetIS” with the Peruvian automated information system for animal product identification, registration and traceability.

The parties had previously exchanged the details regarding the functioning of the information systems: structure, format and procedure for data transfer between the systems, as well as the procedure for electronic certificate issuance. The Rosselkhoznadzor informed that, at the moment, the Peruvian system had a high level of readiness for integration.

The parties will maintain operational interaction between the technical specialists to tackle tasks at the following stages of the project.

Besides, the competent authorities of Russia and Peru agreed to use the FGIS “VetIS” functionality to transmit the pdf-versions of veterinary certificates for Peruvian animal product supplies to the Russian Federation. A specially designed interface makes it impossible for the third countries’ authorized persons to upload an electronic document to notify of a consignment shipped to Russian consignees.

In conclusion, the parties thanked each other for the meeting.


Oct 16, 2020

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