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Rosselkhoznadzor to Hold Videoconference with Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs of the Republic of Korea

On April 16 a videoconference was held between the Rosselkhoznadzor and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs of the Republic of Korea.

The agenda of the negotiations included issues of bilateral cooperation in the field of veterinary surveillance, including the export of Russian livestock products to the Korean market.

The parties discussed the possibility of opening the Korean market for the Russian beef supplies. The foreign colleagues informed that they would soon forward a questionnaire to the Rosselkhoznadzor to assess the possibility of beef deliveries from Russia.

The activities on filling out this questionnaire and the further provision of comprehensive information on the veterinary surveillance system in the Russian Federation will facilitate a new stage in the procedure for opening the Korean market for the export of Russian beef.

In addition, the Korean colleagues noted that further work on assessment of the sanitary condition of Russian livestock products should be carried out not only with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs of the Republic of Korea, but also with the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of this country.

The Rosselkhoznadzor representatives informed the Korean party about the activities on the country’s obtaining of bovine spongiform encephalopathy freedom status and expressed the hope that Russia would receive the status at the the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) Session in 2021.

Discussing the possibility of Russian raw poultry meat exports  to Korea, the foreign colleagues also noted that the Russian side is currently going through the second stage of the risk assessment procedure, and reported that a questionnaire regarding Russian poultry meat was forwarded through diplomatic channels on April 14, 2020. The Rosselkhoznadzor soon hopes to receive this document.

The representatives of the Service also assured the Korean side that in the near future they will provide a completed questionnaire regarding heat-treated poultry meat, which was previously sent to the Rosselkhoznadzor.

In addition, the issue was raised of the possibility of pork exports from Russia, taking into account the principles of regionalization of the Russian Federation. Discussing this issue the Russian party called on the Korean colleagues to be guided by the recommendations of the OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Code.

Among other things, the Korean side informed the Russian Service that it is currently actively working on developing the ASF regionalization standards in the territory of Korea. The Rosselkhoznadzor expects to receive a notification from the Korean colleagues upon completion of this procedure.

At the end of the negotiations, the Korean side raised the issues of importing feed for non food-producing animals into Russia. A number of Korean establishments are interested in supplies of this type of products to Russia. The Rosselkhoznadzor representatives indicated the need to include these establishments in the Register of establishments of the third countries. The Korean colleagues said that they would soon send an official letter to the Service on this issue.

In addition, the Korean side inquired about the current review status of materials on elimination of deficiencies identified during the inspection of Korean lysine establishments in 2019 (the materials were submitted at the end of March 2020). The Russian side assured that these materials will be reviewed promptly and upon completion of their analysis, the position of the Service will be immediately forwarded to the Korean specialists.

The parties expressed hope for further fruitful cooperation in the field of veterinary surveillance.


Apr 17, 2020

Categorys: Veterinary