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Congolese delegation familiarized itself with the Russian System of grain quality and safety control

The meeting between the representatives of the Rosselkhoznadzor and the Secretariat of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Democratic Republic of Congo held on  January 30, 2020 was confined to completion of the official visit of the Congolese delegation to Russia. 

During their visit the representatives of the Congolese Ministry of Agriculture visited the Rosselkhoznadzor subordinate institutions – All-Russian Plant Quarantine Centre (Moscow Oblast) and Grain Quality Assessment Centre (Branch in Novorossiysk and Ramenskoye) and familiarized themselves with the procedure of grain shipment for export.

Mr. Damas Mamba, Head of the Delegation, thanked the Rosselkhoznadzor for the high level of the mission organization and accompanying Congolese specialists at all stages. He remarked that Congo is greatly interested in development of trade relations with Russia, in particular, in direct export of wide range of grains  (wheat, pulses, sunflower, sorghum, malt and etc.) as well as potatoes. Basing of the Federal Customs Service data Russia exported 120 thousand tons of wheat to Congo in 2019. 

Nevertheless, there is a potential both for increasing this parameter and expanding the range of plant products imported to Congo. 

Damas Mamba remarked that grain deficit in Congo accounts for 10 million 700 thousand tons, and pulses - 3 million 500  tons. 

Another prospective area of cooperation is exchange in experience and knowledge between the Competent Authorities of the two countries. The Foreign delegation highly assessed the level of qualification of the Russian scientists and laboratory practices as well as professional equipment in institutions involved in confirmation of the quarantine and phytosanitary status, safety and quality of grain.

The Congolese party expressed interest in advanced training of specialists performing mycological, virological and bacteriological tests in Russia. Besides, Congo is considering the possibility of using pheromone traps produced by the All-Russian Plant Quarantine Centre. 

Damas Mamba underlined that Congo is open for cooperation in other areas as well and it would like to adopt Russian experience in control of quality and safety of exported and imported plant products and usage of E-systems for tracing consignments and fighting illegal trade.

Congo is the second largest country in Africa and it has more that 200 posts at the border with 9 states. Due to this fact it is interested in increasing the effectiveness of transported consignment control.

The Rosselkhoznadzor thanked the Congolese delegation for coming to Russia and remarked that it will facilitate the development of trade relations as well as professional cooperation between the competent Authorities and scientists. 


Jan 31, 2020

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