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Results of Negotiations between Rosselkhoznadzor and Department for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Control of General Customs Administration of People’s Republic of China

In connection with worsening phytosanitary conditions of pome and stone fruit imported from PRC to the Russian Federation in the last 2 years, and refusal to take effective measures by the Chinese party on preventing introduction of quarantine objects in regulated products to the Russian Federation, the Rosselkhoznadzor imposed temporary restrictions on supplies of pome and stone fruit from China to Russia since August 10, 2019.

During the 8th meeting of Russian-Chinese permanent working group on cooperation in the field of veterinary surveillance, phytosanitary control and safety of food products, the Russian and Chinese experts agreed to conduct inspections of sites for growing, storage, sorting and packaging of pome and stone plants in order to make an equivalent approach to delivery of these crops from China to Russia in September 2019.

Unfortunately, the response of the Chinese party and the prepared draft programme of the visit failed to provide the information requested by the Rosselkhoznadzor. For this reason at the initiative of the Rosselkhoznadzor a teleconference with designated officials from the Chinese party took place on August 27, 2019

During the negotiations the Rosselkhoznadzor representatives requested to specify the information on producers of pome fruit by their production regions and packing centers that can be evaluated in September. In addition they asked to provide the information on the investigation carried out and measures taken based on notifications of the Rosselkhoznadzor. The General Customs Administration representatives of the People’s China Republic promised to provide the information requested.


Aug 27, 2019

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