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Notification of border inspection posts on time and place of planned arrival of a consignment

To the attention of Heads of Territorial Administrations of the Rosselkhoznadzor, legal and physical entities importing consignments subject to state veterinary surveillance.

Taking into account requests from business operators the Rosselkhoznadzor is taking practical measures in order to optimize and expedite border veterinary control of products subject to surveillance that is extremely important in checking perishable consignments and live animals.

In this connection we inform you that from May 17 Argus system (business operator module) will provide for preliminary notification of border inspection posts on time and place of planned arrival of a consignment.

Notifications generated by a business operator will be available only for personnel of the border inspection post through which the consigned is planned to be imported and of the Territorial Administration which the given border inspection post is subordinate to.

Notifications will be used for planning the volume of operations and preliminary preparation for control activities. The consignments forewarned by notifications will be checked on a priority basis. Please pay attention that notifications will be useful only provided they contain actual information. Please take it into account and in case your delivery schedule is changed you can use functions “Edit” and “Cancel” of the notification generation interface. Cases of misleading information will be fixed as such information (unintentionally or deliberately) will lead to undesirable consequences in the work of the Rosselkhoznadzor Territorial Administrations.

Meanwhile the notification option will operate as a pilot project and will be available only for border inspection posts at airports. According to the results and taking into account opinions and comments of personnel at border inspection posts we subsequently will make a decision on introduction of notifications for all types of border inspection posts.

Best wishes,

N. Vlasov

May 17, 2011

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