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Citizens of the Republic of Belarus Violate the RF Seed Production Law

Consignments of agricultural seeds were sold by citizens of the Republic of Belarus with violations of Federal Law No.149 dd. 17.12.1997 “On Seed Production” and other seed production regulations, as the Rosselkhoznadzor detected in the first quarter 2011. Further sales were stopped.

Thus, the Rosselkhoznadzor initiated administrative proceedings against the Belarusian citizens selling in Voronezh 633 consignments of vegetable seeds without any documents certifying their variety and sowing qualities.

Analogous violations of the RF seed law by the citizens of Belarus were detected in some other cities.

Due to the facts the Rosselkhoznadzor draws attention of gardeners, vegetable growers, farmers and summer residents to the fact that Federal Law No. 149 dd. 17.12.1997 “On Seed Production” permits turnover of seed varieties included into the State Register of Selection Achievements Authorized for Use if certificates ensuring their commercial and sowing qualities are attached (Article 30).

Pursuant to Point 7.1 of the Order on selling and transporting agricultural seeds approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food No. 707 dd.18.10.1999 (registered by the Ministry of Justice on 20.01.2000 No. 2059) seed sachets intended for domestic retail sale shall have the following official information on them:

Name, address and telephone of the organization (firm) – seed seller;

Name of the culture, seed variety according to the Register;

Standard of commercial and sowing qualities;

Batch number;

Weight (in grams) and amount (number of seeds) in one sachet;

Shelf life.

Shelf life of seeds packed into single layer paper sachets shall be fixed from the packing date this year to the end of the next year. Shelf life of seeds packed into foil or double-layer sachets shall not exceed two years. If different information is provided to you, it is a fraud. Based on the abovementioned, study attentively the information on the sachets with the agricultural seeds, ask the seller to show you the documents certifying commercial and sowing qualities of the seeds and make sure the seed variety is included into the State Register of Selection Achievements Authorized for Use. The Register can be found here www.gossort.com.

Apr 12, 2011

Categorys: Seed control