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Illegal Import of 10.000 Seed Packages into the RF Territory

The Rosselkhoznadzor Administration for the Voronezh and the Volgograd Oblasts detected violations in import of 10,000 packages of vegetable and flower crops into the territory of the Voronezh Oblast from the Republic of Belarus.

Market "Kupechesky" in the south-western area of Voronezh was inspected according to Administration Order No. 95 dd. 2.06.2010 "On checks of natural persons in the specified spheres of activities". The Rosselkhoznadzor specialists found that 10,000 seed packages had been imported to the RF territory by an individual from the Republic of Belarus without any phytosanitary certificate. That is considered as violation of Federal Law No. 99 "On Plant Quarantine": "Import of products subject to quarantine is allowed if they are accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate confirming the compliance of consignment under quarantine with requirements and norms of plant quarantine".

Quarantine weeds can invade the Voronezh Oblast along with products without documents confirming their phytosanitary safety. It may result in serious economic losses of regional agricultural goods producers.

According the existing legislation following the results of the inspection the violator was held administratively liable and had to pay a fine.

Mar 29, 2011

Categorys: Seed control , Import. Export. Transit