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For the attention of Heads of Territorial Administrations of the Rosselkhoznadzor, legal entities and natural persons responsible for import of consignments subject to state veterinary surveillance

According to my request of January 22, 2011, http://fsvps.ru/fsvps/news/2832.html, the Administrator of the information system Argus has worked out recommendations concerning the procedure for assignment of login credentials to economic entities that is available at http://www.fsvps.ru/vetcontrol-help/operatorui?_action=editHSinTU&_language=ru#1. In this connection, Heads of Territorial Administrations of the Rosselkhoznadzor are requested to designate the officials responsible for prompt assignment of the IS Argus login credentials to legal entities and natural persons responsible for import of consignments subject to state veterinary surveillance and registered in the IS Argus.

In my opinion, this procedure should be carried out by the officials in the Territorial Administrations as follows:

1. A representative of an economic entity makes an application for Argus access keys to the Central Office of the Territorial Administration of the RF Subject where the consignment will be imported to or to a border veterinary inspection post in places of full customs clearance. At this, he/she should have a document identifying his/her personality, the telephone number of the company director (for legal entities) and a document confirming his/her position in the company (for legal entities). Citizens and individual entrepreneurs should have only their passports.

2. A responsible employee of the Territorial Administration (IT Administrator of this Territorial Administration) finds the applicant in the list of registered economic entities, identifies the login credentials according to the mentioned recommendations and reports them to the applicant. The assigned login and password should be written afterwards in the upper part of the application form submitted by the representative of the economic entity, and the representative himself/herself should sign and write the date of Argus login credentials receipt.

3. The application form with login and password indicated, and copies of the above mentioned documents should be filed.

In addition to assignment of the login credentials, the responsible employee of the Territorial Administration can change or add information on the applying economic entity in/to the list.

4. In case it is necessary to enlarge the list of employees responsible for this work, please, send corresponding applications to the Director of the FGI ARRIAH Grubyy Vasiliy Alexandrovich (600901, Vladimir, Yur’evets, FGI Federal Center for Animal Health (FGI ARRIAH) and by fax (4922) 26-38-77. The applications should contain the following information:

Full name Contact telephone number Personal e-mail address Powers
1       IT Administrator in the Territorial Administration

At this, responsible employees should have access to the subsystem of the Territorial Administration in the automated system Argus.

With best regards, N.Vlasov

Jan 28, 2011

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