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Additional simplified procedure for economic entities wishing to get login credentials to the system Argus

For the attention of Heads of the Territorial Administrations of the Rosselkhoznadzor,
legal entities and natural persons importing consignments subject to state veterinary surveillance

Dear ladies and gentlemen, colleagues,

As can be seen from the recent practice, in spite of the warnings, many economic entities responsible for import of finished products into the Russian Federation that earlier did not require any permit and now, according to the Customs Union legislation, do require permits, turned to be unprepared for transfer to new import conditions.

By the same reason, at border posts there appear problems connected with the fact that economic entities "import" without permits those products that require permits now. It is reasonable that these consignments are stopped at the border.

Knowing the problems connected with traditional business approaches ("yesterday we imported without permits and now, for some reasons, we are required to have them…"), we do everything possible to follow the legislation and at the same time to minimize losses and problems of the business community.

Of course, we are not able to settle all the problems as we do not have all veterinary surveillance powers, but we do everything possible within our competence.

As has been reported before, modules of the information system Argus serving for issue of permits for import of finished product of animal origin have started working in the automated mode. The automated mode means that if everything is arranged properly (and most importers that TRADITIONALLY import the same products do their business all right), a permit can be received within several minutes (depending on the internet speed), i.e. right at the border post.

The system of registration in Argus was initially created as a maximally liberal one and not causing difficulties for economic entities: Argus itself picks all the registry data out of your application. By this reason, thousands of economic entities that earlier imported products after Argus had been launched are registered in Argus, but they can be unaware of it. Most part of them (about 80%) have not found time to apply to the Rosselkhoznadzor or the Veterinary Department of the RF Subject to get login credentials for the system, and now, not having such access keys, cannot make applications themselves.

Thus, in order to be able to make applications and receive permits in the automated mode, an economic entity should be registered in Argus and should have personal login credentials. One cannot enter the system or make an application without them, and as has been said above, about 80% of subjects of external economic entities did not take care to get them.

Veterinary Departments of the RF Subjects register economic entities in Argus under routine operation, and they receive login credentials for them, but again, they do it under routine operation.

At the moment, work under routine operation means significant losses for business, as many businessmen ALREADY have their consignments stopped at the border. Thus, now we are switching to extraordinary operation.

It is necessary to understand that we offer such an opportunity ONLY FOR THOSE (natural persons and legal entities) that EARLIER IMPORTED products subject to surveillance. We can do nothing for those who make the importation FOR THE FIRST TIME (primary registration is beyond our competence).

If an economic entity earlier imported products subject to surveillance into the territory of the Russian Federation without permits, it is very likely to be registered in Argus but it has no login credentials. In such case, economic entities can get the credentials under a simplified procedure through our Territorial Administrations (you can find the address of the necessary Territorial Administration on our site http://www.fsvps.ru/fsvps/structure/terorgs or if you are already at a border post, from a member of our staff). Please, note that you can do it not INSTEAD of going to the Veterinary Departments of the RF Subjects, but ADDITIONALLY to this opportunity, that is offered to you because out Territorial Administrations work much faster.

A representative of an economic entity can apply for access keys to Argus to the Territorial Administration of its Subject of the Russian Federation. In this case, he/she needs to have documents identifying his/her personality, the telephone number of the company director (for legal entities) and a document confirming his/her position in this company (for legal entities). Citizens and individual entrepreneurs should have only their passports.

A responsible employee of the Territorial Administration finds the applicant in the list of registered economic entities, identifies the login credentials and reports them to the applicant. In addition to the login credentials, the employee of the Territorial Administration can change the information on the applying economic entity in the list.

You can ask your questions on the Rosselkhoznadzor Forum in section "Automated System Argus". Employees of the Territorial Administrations of the Rosselkhoznadzor can e-mail to argus@fsvps.ru for technical support.

With best regards N.Vlasov.

Jan 22, 2011

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