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Access to Argus for veterinary institutions of higher education

To Heads of Executive Authorities of the State Government Bodies of Subjects of the Russian Federation in the veterinary field,

To Principals of veterinary institutions of higher education

To Deans of Veterinary Departments of other institutions of higher education

Dear colleges,

Currently effective and successful implementation of almost any type of activity is connected with essential use of up-to-date information technologies. Veterinary medicine in general and veterinary surveillance in particular is not an exception in this respect. Management of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rosselkhoznadzor are fully aware of this fact and are working in the sphere of development of these technologies.

In order to improve the activities aimed at organizing one of the fields of veterinary surveillance in the Russian Federation, that is control and permitting activities at import of consignments subject to control to the territory of the Russian Federation, the Rosselkhoznadzor has established automated module web-based system "Argus" (State Veterinary Surveillance: http://www.fsvps.ru/fsvps/argus).

The system is intended for automation of processes of requesting import permits, analysis and distribution of permits (bans) of import, export and transit of animals, products and raw materials of animal origin, recording of passing of these consignments through border inspection posts at the State Border of the Russian Federation and Customs Union in the uniform federal database.

The system ensures data exchange between the Central Office of the Rosselkhoznadzor, Territorial administrations of the Rosselkhoznadzor, Chief veterinary administrations of CIS-countries, competent veterinary authorities of Subjects of the Russian Federation and economic entities. Individual subsystems are established for each participant of the exchange including economic entities – citizens and organizations conducting import, export and transit of consignments subject to control.

Implementation of "Argus" enabled to swiftly forward progress updates on review of applications for import/export/transit of consignments subject to control, issued permits, denials to issue permits, etc. to competent veterinary authorities of Subjects of the RF, territorial administrations of the Rosselkhoznadzor and economic entities using Internet.

Currently "Argus" operates in the territory of the Customs Union with a part of its subsystems operating off-line: applications for authorization of import of meat and meat products, drug products, food products, fish and seafood products are automatically processed by the system (no-live operator) followed by issue of permits and bans.

Virtually we are operating. I mean the establishment of integrated information medium for assuring operation of veterinary service of Russia.

It means that tens of thousands of veterinary specialists throughout the country will have to learn to work with "Argus" (and some of the already established or being developed systems of this medium). To facilitate mastering the system "Argus" trainings in using the system are arranged at institutions subordinate to the Rosselkhoznadzor, but preparatory training should be better started directly at institutions of higher educations.

The Rosselkhoznadzor specialists has developed a training version of the information system "Argus". It is located at the Rosselkhoznadzor servers and staff and students of higher education institutions can get a remote access to this version through Internet. Access to the system and user support is provided free of charge for veterinary institutions of higher education.

Considering the abovementioned and if any of these institutions is interested, a person in charge should be determined at each interested higher education institution for interaction with technical experts of the Rosselkhoznadzor responsible for the preparation of "Argus" for use in the academic activities and provision of accesses to the system.

Contact details of this person (Name, e-mail, phone number) should be forwarded to the Rosselkhoznadzor by mail (107139, Moscow, Orlikov per. 1/11) or by e-mail to argus@fsvps.ru.

Any further information can be requested at official web-forum of the Rosselkhoznadzor devoted to development and implementation of the automated system "Argus": http://www.fsvps.ru/fsvps-forum/forums/show/1.page.

Heads of the State Government Bodies of Subjects of the Russian Federation in the veterinary field should ensure information of the persons concerned at veterinary institutions of higher education on the given letter and suggestion contained in it.

Best regards
N.A. Vlasov

Jan 22, 2011

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