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Argus modules dealing with issue of permits for import of finished animal products will be transferred into automated mode

For the attention of Heads of veterinary executive bodies
of Subjects of the Russian Federation,
Heads of Territorial Administrations
of the Rosselkhoznadzor,
legal entities and natural persons
importing consignments subject to
state veterinary surveillance.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, colleagues,
Let me inform you that starting from January 20, 2011 modules of the information system Argus dealing with issue of permits for import of finished animal products will be transferred into automated mode. It also concerns products that were earlier allowed for import without permits of the Chief Veterinary Officer according to the Russian legislation and now should be imported with permits according to the legislation of the Customs Union.

In this case, the automated mode has been launched on a trial basis and at phase 2, i.e. only modules dealing with the work of veterinary departments of the RF Subject and those responsible for execution of the functions of the Central Office of the Rosselkhoznadzor are working in the automated mode now. In this connection, written application is not required unless a subject of the external economic activity prefers it to be done in written too.

As well as in previous cases, permits can be received as before, by making a written application to a veterinary service of the RF Subject if a subject doesn’t want or cannot use IS Argus.

Applications made starting from 24-00 January 19, 2011 will be considered in the automated mode.

Applications made before that date will be considered under the normal procedure.

Starting from January 20, once a written application is made, a specialist from the veterinary executive body of the Subject of the Russian Federation responsible for this application has to check the presence of a corresponding application of this subject of external economic activity in the Argus database. If it is there, a second copy of the application should not be prepared in the electronic form.

Specialists from the Central Office of the Rosselkhoznadzor will monitor the decisions made by Argus for their correctness and will fix the defects if there are any.

You can ask your questions concerning this issue via Forum on the Rosselkhoznadzor site in Section “Automated System Argus”.

Heads of veterinary services of Subjects of the Russian Federation are required to organize authorization of economic entities in IS Argus as soon and transparent as possible in order to avoid unjustified obstacles in their economic activity.

It is especially important to be done now. It is so because many subjects of external economic activity importing products that were earlier allowed for import without permits are probably unaware of the decision of the Commission of the Customs Union stipulating that now they should be imported with permits. They will find it out only when the imported consignment will be stopped at the state border because of the absence of a permit, and I have already received reports about such facts.

With best regards, N. Vlasov

Jan 20, 2011

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