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Practical Steps Taken by the Rosselkhoznadzor on the Proposals and Requests of Pet Owners

For the attention of:

Citizens of the Russian Federation owing dogs, cats and other pets

Heads of Territorial Administrations of the Rosselkhoznadzor

Heads of Veterinary Authorities of the RF Subjects


Dear ladies and gentlemen, colleagues,

Numerous proposals and requests have been received by the Rosselkhoznadzor via different channels from the owners of dogs, cats and other pets (domestic cage birds, insects, small domestic and ornamental animals, ornamental aquarium fishes). They were very diverse but in fact they all informed us that the current procedure for movement (transportation) of such animals puts their owners a lot of trouble, causes problems and expenses. The analysis of the received messages shows that partly the accumulated discontent of the citizens is well founded.

Solution of all the questions raised by you, ladies and gentlemen, is far beyond our competence but we’ll try to do all our best for their solution or at least will address relevant questions to competent authorities.

Further we are giving to you the information on the practical steps made by the Rosselkhoznadzor towards solution of problems that are within our competence.

One of your “requests” was to change the system for registration of natural persons for access to the information system Argus that allows making applications for transportation of the above-mentioned pets in and out of the country in a way that allows registration without visiting governmental authorities and paying for the registration procedure.

This “request” is satisfied in the following way:

A pet owner (natural person, citizen of the Russian Federation) can get the login credentials to the system Argus in two ways:

1) in the framework of the current procedure, i.e. by applying to the veterinary service of the RF Subject where he/she is registered according to the procedure set up in the Letter of the Veterinary Surveillance Department of 03.08.2009 No. 2-01/251 available on the site of the Rosselkhoznadzor http://www.fsvps.ru/fsvps-docs/ru/importExport/info/files/info_120.pdf.

2) according to a new procedure. Starting from January 12, 2011 a pet owner will be able to send a telegram certified by the postal official to: 600901, Vladimir, Yur’evets, FGI ARRIA. The following information should be specified in the telegram:

- surname, name, patronymic;

- passport No. and series;

- e-mail address where the Argus login credentials will be sent to;

The message should look like as follows:

Please send an Argus key to Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich passport 1799087629 to Ivan2010@mail.ru

Passport No. and series should be indicated as above – without spaces (series first, number second) and without characters # or №. Of course, you can use e-mail addresses of any mail server – not only mail.ru. Register of the letters is of no importance.

Our specialists will as soon as possible send TEMPORARY credentials (login and password) for access to Argus and instructions for connection for a certain Pet Owner to the e-mail address indicated in the telegram.

Why “as soon as possible” and not “within two days”, for example? We suppose you will not pay the necessary attemtion to our below-mentioned request and in the beginning we’ll receive more telegrams per day than our operators are able to process.

The request is as follows: please, don’t hurry to go to a post-office in January, go there a week before the expected date of transportation of your Pet and we’ll be able then to process your application within 2 days.

Why “TEMPORARY” credentials and not permanent? It is done for the purpose of your personal information security.

When you get authorized in Argus for the first time it is necessary to change the access password and to enter additional information (there aren’t much data, but they are necessary for your unique identification) necessary for work in this system.

The Rosselkhoznadzor charges no fee for registration and further use of Argus. You will need to pay for a telegram to the postal official and for Internet traffic to the Internet provider.

The second of your “requaests” was to transfer to automated mode those Argus modules that deal with consideration of applications for transportation of pets in and out of the country.

We fulfill it in the following way:

Starting from 00:00 January 17, 2011 applications for transportation of pets in and out of the country (dogs, cats, domestic cage birds, insects, small domestic and ornamental animals, ornamental aquarium fishes) for purposes other than commercial, will be considered by Argus in the automated mode on a trial basis and for testing the technology.

Applications that will come before this date will be considered under the current procedure.

Like in the case of transfer into automated mode of Argus modules dealing with issue of permits for import of meat and meat products, in this situation it is possible to make an application in two ways.

An application can be made in electronic form using Argus and these applications will be considered in automated mode. Using this way of making an application the pet owner does not need to prepare a written application if he/she doesn’t want. It he/she wants, he/she can forward it to the veterinary authority of the RF Subject.

Those who are not good enough in using computer to make an electronic application or by some other reasons do not want to make it can apply to the veterinary authority of the RF Subject with a written application. In this case Argus will start its own consideration of the application after the veterinary authority of the RF Subject sends a corresponding electronic request to the Rosselkhoznadzor.

Starting from 00:00 January 17, 2011 specialists of the veterinary authority of the RF Subject will start to receive written applications. Being responsible for this or that application, the specialist will have to check the availability of the corresponding application from this applicant in the Argus database. If the application is in the database, the second copy of the application in the electronic form will not be prepared.

Specialists of the central Office of the Rosselkhoznadzor will carry out monitoring of the decisions made by Argus and will fix the defects if there are any. The tests will last for 1 month (till 00:00 February 17, 2011).

In case the tests finish successfully and pet owners do not have serious remarks for the work of Argus in the automated mode, this mode will become the main one.

Pet owners should pay their attention to the fact that they can get permits for transportation of any number of pets according to the described procedure, however, we shall warn you about the necessity to carefully follow the rule: this way to receive permits should be used ONLY to receive permits for transportation of pets in and out of the country for the purposes other than commercial. Violators will be detected and will incur administrative punishment.

Please, pay your attention to the fact that this way can be also used to receive permits for transportation of one or two pets in and out of the country. You are not obliged to receive such permits as one or two animals can be transported without a permit but if you wish you can get it in case you want to make sure that recently there have been no restrictions or other conditions for transportation of pets in and out of the country.

You can ask your questions concerning the matter via the Rosselkhoznadzor forum, Section "Automated System Argus".

The next of your requests was to organize the process of issue of the form F1 and F4 certificates and to fix reasonable prices for their preparation. We cannot settle this problem at the moment as we have no relevant statutory powers.

However, our plans are as follows:

We’ll soon start working at creation of an information system Herriot (it is an information web-oriented program complex assisting veterinarians in their work). This complex will contain a database for identification of animals, names of veterinary specialists that can treat animals and diagnose animal diseases and a database of veterinary procedures applied to a certain registered animal.

At the beginning usage of this system will be voluntary for everyone – pet owners, veterinarians, veterinary laboratories. However, we will be able to use data from this information system in the process of animal movement control as an alternative to paper certificates. Thus, if you, your veterinarian and your veterinary laboratory use Herriot all the certificates will be prepared automatically and for free.

We continue collecting and analyzing your proposals, please, send them to: pet@fsvps.ru, via our site and the Forum Section Pets and related veterinary problems.

Deputy Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor,

Chief Veterinary Officer

of the Russian Federation

N.A. Vlasov

Dec 25, 2010

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