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Gennadiy Polyakov, former Head of the Veterinary Department of the Rostovskaya Oblast, is charged of authority abuse

The prosecutor’s office of the Konstantinovsky Rayon of the Rostovskaya Oblast has officially informed that criminal case against Head of the Veterinary Department of the Rostovskaya Oblast, who had taken no measures for the control of African swine fever outbreak, was taken to court. Pursuant to the indictment Gennadiy Polyakov is charged of authority abuse (Part 1 Article 286 of the RF Criminal Code).

Law enforcement officers stated that in September 2009 mass mortality of pigs had occurred in OAO “Nikolayevskoye Khlebopriemnoye” in the Konstantinovsky Rayon of the Rostovskaya Oblast. However, Head of the Veterinary Department for the Rostovskaya Oblast Gennadiy Polyakov ordered not to send for testing samples of pathological materials from the diseased animals, which he had received from his subordinates. No measures necessary for eradication of African swine fever outbreak were taken as well.

On the other hand, regional Chief Veterinary Officer Lev Nikulin, his deputy Anatoly Kazakov and Director of the Veterinary Laboratory of Konstantinovsky Rayon Oleg Girkin took no measures for accurate diagnosis although they were aware about the presence of ASF signs in dead animals.

Furthermore, by command of Polyakov the officials of the Rostov Veterinary Service made attempts to cover up traces of the incident. According to the order of the Head of the Veterinary Department, Director of the OAO “Nikolayevskoye Khlebopriemnoye” sold 127 carcasses of emergently slaughtered animals for further processing.

The fact of cover up of ASFV infection in swine was recovered due to the prosecutor’s inspection.

All the above mentioned officials were dismissed from service.

In June 2010, Nikulin, Kazakov and Girkin were found guilty of authority abuse by the district court of Konstantinovo. Kazakov was also found guilty of forgery (Part 1 Article 292 of the RF Criminal Code). They were imposed fines.

The criminal case against Polyakov had been previously unreasonably terminated by the Semikarakorsk Interdistrict Investigation Department of the Investigation Board of the RF Investigation Directorate for the Rostovskaya Oblast. Nevertheless, the decision on the criminal case termination was concealed following the intervention of the Prosecutor’s Office. The criminal case against Polyakov was identified as a separate one.

It should be reminded that during the last two years the Rosselkhoznadzor continually addressed to the Administration and Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Rostovskaya Oblast written appeals with a statement on ineffective operation of the regional Veterinary Service, which de facto contributed to the spread of African swine fever in the Don area.

Nov 23, 2010

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