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Violations May Probably Mean Introduction of ASF

The Territorial Administration of the Rosselkhoznadzor for the Voronezhskaya and Volgogradskaya Oblasts detected a serious violation in the procedure of issue of veterinary accompanying documents at the SI Bogucharskaya Regional Station for Animal Disease Control. Such violations may cause introduction of African swine fever both into the territory of the Voronezhskaya Oblast and into other RF Subjects.

According to an unaccredited source, the Territorial Administration received the information that several businessmen from Rostov had documents prepared for export of products from the territory of the Voronezhskaya Oblast but in fact these documents were used to export grain from the Southern and North-Caucasian Federal Districts affected with ASF. In order to prevent the introduction of the disease, the procedure for import of forage grain, mixed feed and other feeds of plant origin from these regions into the territory of the Voronezhskaya and other oblasts has been established: import of forage grain into pig breeding holdings is allowed only into plants that comply with the following requirements: the processing procedure includes a stage of heating up to 70ºC and higher; there is a reliable security system that ensures prevention of grain theft from the establishment; the forage grain should be dried in an elevator heater at 90 ºC before transportation. In order to simplify the processes, producers of agricultural products and other persons started to violate the Methodical recommendations of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

The Territorial Administration detected a violation at the SI Bogucharskaya Regional Station for Animal Disease Control - a businessman from the Rostovskaya Oblast had received from the chief veterinarian of the station 2 veterinary certificates for export of 2000 tones of forage wheat by a road vehicle from the OOO Stepnoye of the Bogucharsky Rayon. The investigation showed that more than 30 tones had been shipped from the mentioned holding.

In the result, the chief veterinarian of the station was dismissed from service, the materials of the investigation were forwarded to the law-enforcement authorities.

Nov 22, 2010

Categorys: African Swine Fever , Epizootic situation