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Results of International Scientific and Practical Conference on Avian Diseases in Industrial Poultry Farming Organized by FGBI "ARRIAH" in the Republic of Tajikistan

On April 10 a scientific and practical conference on avian diseases in industrial poultry farming was held in the Republic of Tajikistan on the grounds of the Tajik Academy of Agricultural Sciences of the Ministry of Agriculture (TAAS MA RT). The program of the conference included presentations by members of the presidium and reports of scientists of the FGBI "ARRIAH" on current issues causing interest of veterinary specialists in this region.

The President of the Tajik Academy of Agricultural Sciences, N. Asozoda, greeted the scientists from Russia and emphasized the importance of the conference. In his report he pointed out the significance of the development of poultry farming in the Republic, elaborating on the government program that provides for an increase in poultry population through the allocation of state subsidies. This branch of industry is exempted from paying all taxes for six years and is defined as promising in agriculture.

The conference was continued by Head of the Livestock, Poultry and Beekeeping Service of the Republic of Tajikistan Zhirov A.Z.; Leading Researcher of the Laboratory for Avian, Apiary, and Fish diseases of the Institute of Veterinary Medicine of the TAAS MA RT, Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Professor Salimov TM; Leading Specialist of Food Safety Committee under the RT government Andamov I.Sh., Head of poultry industry at the RT Ministry of Agriculture Nazarov M.F. All expressed their hope for cooperation with researchers from the FGBI "ARRIAH" and asked for assistance in solving problems at the poultry farms of the republic.

An introductory report on the activities of the FGBI "ARRIAH" was presented by Deputy Head of the Department of Veterinary Drug Promotion M.E. Prokhorova, detailing the quality of vaccines against avian diseases and scientific support of the Center's preparations. Special attention was paid by veterinary specialists to the printing editions of the institution, in particular the newspaper “Veterinaria i Zhizn”, which makes it possible to act as a kind of platform for discussing topical issues and to conduct an open dialogue on the problems of poultry farming.

Chief Expert on Avian Diseases Viktor Irza presented a report on the epizootic situation with regard to avian diseases in Central Asia. Recommendations on specific prophylaxis and its integral part were also noted with special attention. On the part of veterinarians, there were questions about the need to vaccinate the livestock for avian influenza, as well as the reasons for the spread of the virus in winter time. All questions raised were thoroughly answered.

Head of the Laboratory for Epizootology and Monitoring M.S. Volkov highlighted the problem of avian infectious bronchitis. This issue remains acute for the veterinary specialists of the Republic of Tajikistan and requires clarification and consultation. Active discussion of the abovementioned problem allowed to find answers to the veterinarians’ questions.

Leading Researcher of the Laboratory for Avian Disease Prevention V.P. Melnikov highlighted in detail the issues of Marek’s disease, focusing on the unique preparations against this disease produced in the FGBI "ARRIAH".

At the end of the conference a round table was organized where active discussions on Newcastle disease, avian infectious bronchitis and avian metapneumovirus infection took place. The veterinarians presented at the conference expressed their gratitude to the scientists of the center and noted the need to organize similar events on a regular basis.

In the following days, the scientists of the center visited a number of leading poultry farms in the republic, provided advice on the prevention of avian infectious diseases, and also studied the vaccination schemes of the livestock, providing reasoned explanations for correction.

During the visit, meetings were held with the authorities of the Institute of Veterinary Medicine under the Tajik Academy of Agricultural Sciences, as well as with representatives of the Institute of Biological Safety. During the meeting, issues of scientific and technical cooperation, as well as its direction in the near future were discussed.

Apr 17, 2018

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