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Explanation on the Type of Fever that Reached the Ivanovskaya Oblast

Dear fellow citizens, colleagues, journalists,

Due to the fact that some people who read the recent reports on the appearance of an outbreak of classical swine fever in the Ivanovskaya Oblast consider it is an alarm signal, let me explain that the matter of concern is CLASSICAL swine fever, a disease that is of course dangerous but is common for Russia as it is always present in the territory of our country.

It is not African swine fever that challenged the existence of a number of pig breeding sectors in Russia.

In the present-day Russia CLASSICAL swine fever is not a big problem as we have highly effective vaccines and the vaccination technology is well-organized. CLASSICAL swine fever occurs only there where the owners do not pay the necessary attention on the fulfillment of the set requirements on its prevention.

I’ve seen that is clearly written in all the recent publications that the case is CLASSICAL swine fever.

However, considering the bulk information accompanying the news on the SPREAD of African swine fever, the usage of words “fever reached” causes psychological implications that make people think that it is African swine fever that reached the Ivanovskaya Oblast. And this is contrary to the facts. Just yet.


Nov 19, 2010

Categorys: African Swine Fever , Veterinary , Epizootic situation