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Conference Held by Sergey Dankvert Concerning Combating of African Swine Fever

The conference was held in a conference hall of the Territorial Administration of the Rosselkhoznadzor for the Rostovskaya Oblast. Sergey Dankvert dwelt upon the issue on the dynamics of the ASF spread across the territory of Russia.

In 2010, 50 cases of ASF among domestic pigs were registered in the territory of Russia, 25 of them in the Rostovskaya Oblast. The last outbreaks were registered in the Volgogradskaya and Astrakhanskaya Oblasts, 11 outbreaks in the Astrakhanskaya Oblast were registered at the same time. the administration of the veterinary authorities of the Astrakhanskaya Oblast was warned many times by the Rosselkhoznadzor that it was necessary to take measures aimed at prevention of such outbreaks. The wide spread of ASF among pigs of the Rostovskaya and Astrakhanskaya Oblasts was due to negligence of heads of veterinary services in these regions to their duties.

The analysis of the mechanism of virus spread across the territories of the Subjects showed that human factor was the main reason for the ASF spread among wild boars. Sergey Dankevrt noted that he had raised the problem of the necessity of total killing of wild boars in the territory of the Rostovskaya Oblast in the course of the meeting with Deputy Governor of the Rostovskaya Oblast, Vyacheslav Vasilenko, as maintenance of permanent outbreak conditions in the wild could cause new ASF outbreaks.

Sergey Dankvert noted with satisfaction that the disagreements among regional veterinary services and the territorial administrations of the Rosselkhoznadzor had been almost settled and the overall comprehension of the situation had been achieved.

Sergey Dankvert approved the measures taken with the aim of eradication of the ASF outbreaks in the Rostovskaya Oblast. At the same time, he noted that the overall situation was not aggravating. Sergey Dankvert explained the necessity to adopt the new version of the Veterinary Law.

He urged veterinarians to take active part in the discussion of the draft law, make their comments, express their opinions and requests. Delayed adoption of the law could cause a mess in solving of the main problems faced by the Veterinary Service of Russia.

In addition, Sergey Dankvert dwelt upon the problems connected with the supplies of feed grain from the Rostovskaya Oblast to other RF Subjects, and the issue concerning provision of laboratories and diagnosis establishments with modern equipment and materials, and the organization of personal training and regular skill development.

Sergey Dankvert particularly noted the positive results obtained from the implementation of programs Vesta and Argus, and the prospects for the development of the software environment Cerberus, and the organization of electronic circulation of the accompanying documents.

Oct 26, 2010

Categorys: Information system ARGUS , Administration , Veterinary , Epizootic situation