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Information on the Submission of 2011 Applications for Import/Export/Transit of Consignments Subject to the State Veterinary Surveillance

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

As you know, according to the current regulatory documents, applications for import/export/transit of consignments subject to the state veterinary surveillance for the following year will start to be prepared from December 1 of the current year.

Implementation of the Argus system, as you may also know, allowed for arrangement and automation of issuance of permits for the submitted applications and at the moment we have no technical problems here.

In addition, judging from the queries addressed to me from businessmen, they are still concerned over delays in issuance of permits likely to appear if they are started to be considered from December 1.

I suppose that these concerns are groundless as we have already worked out all the necessary mechanisms that allow the issuance of permits not to interfere with the business processes performed at the beginning of a year.

However, taking into consideration that not only your comfort in conduct of business but also your peace of mind are very important for us, we have taken a decision to start acceptance of 2011 applications from October 15, 2010.

We will process your applications under routine operation but they will be published after December 1, 2010 in order not to violate the norms of the current legislation.

Please, don’t forget to indicate in the Argus’s interface the year for which you make your application.

At the same time, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that if you submit an application in the electronic form, the consideration of it will be faster, more distinct and transparent.

Sincerely yours, N.Vlasov

Oct 6, 2010

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