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Further Plans Concerning Maintenance of the Argus's Automated Mode

For the attention of the subjects of foreign economic activity

exporting and importing fish and fish products,

Heads of Veterinary Services of the Subjects of the Russian Federation,

Heads of the Territorial Administrations of the Rosselkhoznadzor

Taking into consideration the queries received from subjects of foreign economic activity concerning further plans related to the work of Argus, we inform that:

For the moment we are quite satisfied with the Argus’s working parameters and we plan to increase the number of its modules working in this mode.

The Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor has already given the instruction to transfer the Agrus’s modules that deal with issuance of permits for export of fish and fish products into the automated mode. We have already started taking these technical measures.

After it we’ll start working at a similar module dealing with import of these products.

A meeting with subjects of foreign economic activity exporting and importing these products is planned to be held in late October – early November in Murmansk.

Why are we planning to hold a meeting? The fact is that there are some peculiarities about fish products compared to meat and that is why we need a direct dialogue with future system users in order to prevent system’s misusage that will require making corrections afterwards.

Why is it appointed for late October – early November? Because we have no possibility to hold it earlier (business trips and the Rosselkhoznadzor’s panel).

Why in Murmansk? The fish business operators in Murmansk turned the balance (quote: "make the issuance of permits for fish as easy as for meat – as simple as ABC"). There had been a discussion what modules should be automated fist – for feeds or for fish. The fish business operators from Murmansk made us decide that it should be fish modules.

We are expecting that not only Murmansk fish business operators will participate in the meeting but also other fish business operators from the Northwestern Federal District. We will informe you about the exact date of the meeting later, but the Association of fish business operators jointly with the Territorial Administration of the Rosselkhoznadzor for the Murmanskaya Oblast may already start the preparation for it.

With best regards, N.Vlasov

Oct 6, 2010

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