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Argus: 24 Hours of Smooth Sailing (First results of the second stage of testing of Argus’s work in the automated mode)

For the attention of the subjects of foreign economic activity,
Heads of the Veterinary Services
of the Subjects of the Russian Federation,
Heads of the Territorial Administrations
of the Rosselkhoznadzor

As has been reported, according to the Instructions of the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Ye.B. Skrynnik, the Rosselkhoznadzor has proceeded to the second stage of testing of the work of the information system Argus in the automated mode.

We need to remind you that by now both the modules related to the work of the officials in the Central Office of the Rosselkhoznadzor and the modules dealing with the work of the officials in the Veterinary Services of the Subjects of the Russian Federation have been turned into the automated mode. Thus, the officials will not need to participate in consideration of each application for import unless the application needs expert consideration. Argus itself will consider the applications and make decisions.

The following has been done for the 24 hours of the system’s work in this mode:

33 decisions have been made.

Legal persons have received 33 permits.

Natural persons have received 0 permits.

The permits have been issued for import of consignments under surveillance from the following countries: France – 8, Hungary – 8, Lithuania – 4,Germany – 3, Brazil – 3, Italy – 3, Canada – 2, Poland – 1, Belgium – 1, Spain – 1, Mexico – 1, Netherlands – 1, USA – 1, Austria – 1, Australia – 1, Ireland – 1, Denmark – 1.

The permits have been automatically issued for the following products of animal origin: beef, pork, beef offals, pork offals, and poultry meat.

No malfunctions, defects or incorrect solutions have been detected in the work of Argus. Testing is being continued; we will keep reporting of its progress.

I have two requests addressed to the subjects of foreign economic activity:

1. We failed to accurately measure the system’s response time, this is the time that is required for making a decision for each individual application. We had expected that this time would last for several minutes but in fact it appeared to be much less. This is the time that passes from the moment when an application comes to the server of the Rosselkhoznadzor till the moment when a decision appears in the Argus’s database. At present we are interested in calculating the time that passes from the moment when a subject of foreign economic activity submits an application till the moment when he can see a decision ON HIS MONITOR. You are kindly asked to inform us about this time (at least approximately) through argus@fsvps.ru or to post in the corresponding topic of our Forum.

2. In case during the following 100 hours there are no failures in the Argus’s work in this mode, we will soon publish for discussion a draft Administrative Regulation on Decision Issuance on our site. We are waiting for your comments, proposals, and contradictions. At that, it will have to be done quickly as the time for discussion will be short – we need to finish the preparation of the draft Regulation by the moment when testing of this mode finishes if the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia should take a decision to make this mode the main one as it has been said by Ye.B. Skrynnik.

With best regards, N. Vlasov

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