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Argus Proceeds to the Second Stage of Work in the Automated Mode

For the attention of the Veterinary Executive Bodies of the Subjects of the Russian Federation,

Heads of the Territorial Administrations of the Rosselkhoznadzor,

legal entities and natural persons responsible for import of consignments under state veterinary surveillance.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues,

As has been reported earlier, the efficiency of work of the information system Argus in the automated mode is being tested at the present time.

Argus was developed by the Rosselkhoznadzor in the course of implementation by the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia of the measures aimed at development of informatization in agriculture on the whole and in particular in the sphere of rendering of state veterinary services and fulfillment state veterinary functions in the electronic form.

The first stage of testing dealt with the evaluation of its capabilities to work in automated mode.

In this stage, only those Argus modules that cover the functions of the staff of the Central Office of the Rosselkhoznadzor involving consideration of applications for import of meat and meat products to the Russian Federation were put into automated mode, - the mode when people do not immediately participate in consideration of every independent application for import.

This stage has been rather successful – the information system has been already working for 2 weeks without a single failure or a wrong decision.

Taking it into account, we have taken a decision to proceed to the second stage of testing without interruption in the first stage testing, i.e. to turn into the automated mode those Argus modules that relate to the functions of the officials of the veterinary services of the RF Subjects that involve preliminary consideration and coordination of applications for import of meat and meat products to the Russian Federation.

Alongside with this, Argus will consider applications for import prepared in electronic form by an economic entity (legal entities and natural persons) interested in getting a permit for import of meat and meat products to the Russian Federation and make decisions on them itself without participation of any officials from veterinary services of the RF Subjects and the Rosselkhoznadzor. Only those applications that cannot be considered by Argus itself will be forwarded for consideration to the officials as they require expert study.

Taking into account that some economic entities still do not use electronic formats for their applications and submit them in the written form to the veterinary service of the corresponding RF Subject, such a mode of consideration remains possible. In these cases Argus considers the electronic application prepared by an official of the veterinary service of the RF Subject according to the application of an economic entity submitted in the written form.

Specialists of the Central Office of the Rosselkhoznadzor will continue monitoring of the correctness of decisions taken by Argus and fixing its errors if they appear.

The second stage of testing will last for 1 month (from 00-00 September 30, 2010 to 00-00 October 30, 2010).

If testing ends successfully and economic entities have no significant claims regarding work of Argus in the automated work, I do not rule out the possibility that this mode will become the basic one after making relevant corrections to the Administrative Regulation on Issue of Permits.

Respectfully yours,

Yelena Skrynnik,

Minister of Agriculture

of the Russian Federation

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