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Results of Visit of Representatives of Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan to FGBI “ARRIAH”

In October, 2017 the representatives of Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan Director Ghulam Rasool Dutani and Deputy Director Sayyad Hussain Khan visited the Rosselkhoznadzor subordinate FGBI «Federal Centre for Animal Health».

The reception of the foreign delegation was aimed at the inspection of the working areas of the FGBI «ARRIAH» Laboratory for Avian Disease Prevention and the Laboratory for FMD Prevention for their compliance with OIE and GMP standards and requirements in order to obtain permission for vaccine registration in Pakistan.

The attention of the inspectors was drawn to the coherence between the production process and the quality control procedure for vaccines against avian diseases, PPR and FMD vaccine «ARRIAH-VAC».

In the course of the meeting standards and technical regulations for vaccine production were studied, documentation on biological preparation production and quality control was examined. The audit resulted in the recognition of FGBI «ARRIAH» technological compliance with GMP standards and OIE requirements.

Following the visit it was agreed to complete the registration of FGBI «ARRIAH» vaccines against avian diseases, PPR and FMD vaccine «ARRIAH-VAC» in Pakistan for their further realization in the country.

Oct 30, 2017

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