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Rosselhoznadzor imposes temporary restrictions on import of milk products from 4 plants of Belarus to Russia from 25 June 2010

Due to the repeated detection of tetracycline group antibiotics in products from Belarusian plants OAO "Borisovsky Milk Plant", OAO "Osipovichsky Milk Plant", OAO "Berezovsky Cheese-Making Factory", OAO "Babushkina Krynka" supplied to the Russian Federation the Rosselkhoznadzor imposes temporary restrictions on the import of products from the abovementioned plants from the Belarus Republic to the Russian Federation from 25 June 2010.

Control over the imported products from the abovementioned plants is carried out according to the Rosslekhoznadzor instruction No. FS-NV-289959 dd. 14.09.2009.

At the same time the Rosselkhozanadzor informs on the cancellation of the enhanced laboratory control regimen over the products of 7 Belarusian plants: OAO "Slutsky Cheese-Making Factory", OAO "Moloko", OAO "GMZ No. 1", OAO "Mstislavsky Butter-and-Cheese-Making Plant", OAO "Verkhnedvinsky Butter-and-Cheese-Making Plant" OAO "Kopylsky Butter-and-Cheese-Making Plant", Kholopenichsky Branch of OAO "Borisovsky Milk Plant". Products sampling from the described plants shall be carried out within the monitoring programme.

The Rosselkhoznadzor instruction No. FS-AS-2/1732 dd. 26.02.10 shall be considered lost effect. For further details please click here .

Jun 18, 2010

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