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Testing Centre of the FGBI "ARRIAH"

Bacteria, viruses, parasites, prions, toxins … Through unsafe food more than two hundred diseases from causing easy disorder of digestion to provoking oncological manifestations extend today. According to World Health Organization, annually 600 million people are influenced by undesirable consequences of the use of dangerous food worldwide. 420 thousand from them perish. Microorganisms and harmful chemicals invisible to an eye become a serious obstacle for economic development, stop international trade and claim the lives of people. Intensive growth of industrial production of food products and globalization of deliveries considerably increase risks of infection of production. And at any stage of a way from a farm to a dining table. About 75% of new infectious diseases are caused by pathogenic organisms which develop in animals and animal products. In such conditions the science acts as the only reliable guarantor of safety. In the Test center widely known in Russia and abroad the Federal Center of health protection of animals subordinated to Rosselkhoznadzor, round-the-clock work on protection of food and biological wellbeing of the country and health of citizens is conducted. 

May 2, 2017

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