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Diagnostics and prevention of cattle diseases at the FGBI "ARRIAH"

100 countries in Africa, in the Middle East, a considerable part of the territory of Eurasia and some regions of South America — what they can have the general? The answer is simple — continuous threat of large-scale production losses, the terminations of export of production, destabilization of the food market and ruin of cattle breeders. And the reason for that — the foot-and-mouth disease virus strains which are constantly moving between continents. From this high-contagious disease even the island states aren't insured. The outbreak of a foot-and-mouth disease in Great Britain in 2001 cost to the country 16 bln. dollars of the USA and 10 million heads of the killed of animals. In pre-revolutionary Russia and in the Soviet Union the epizootic situation on a foot-and-mouth disease was extremely difficult — the damage was estimated in billions of rubles. Today, thanks to enormous work of the Federal center of health protection of animals, Russia – the owner of the international status of the country, with a free zone from a foot-and-mouth disease without vaccination. Now the institute conducts large-scale work on diagnostics and prevention of all economically significant diseases of the krupnorogaty cattle. The methods of identification and manufacturing techniques of urgent vaccines which are successfully exported worldwide are developed for each type of a virus here. The principle of work with all pathogens one – an integrated approach to eradication of a disease.

Moscow, 2016


Apr 18, 2017

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