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Violations Detected during Import of Soy Oil Meal

Your Petition No. 3000/03-12 dd. 06.08.2009 received by the Rosselkhoznadzor concerning permission for OAO “Joint Grain Company” (Moscow) to import in 2009 soy oil meal from Germany for storage in OAO “Rezervkhleb” (Saint-Petersburg) contained information about guarantees of GMO absence in soy oil meal. On the ground of this petition the Rosselkhoznadzor issued Permission No. FS/UVN-03/17682 dd. 13.08.2009 provided that these products would be used according to the results of the GMO tests carried out in the approved laboratories. According to information available to the Rosselkhoznadzor soy oil meal weighing 5500 t total entered Saint-Petersburg trading port on the motor ships “Sormovsky 3052” and “Sormovsky 3051” for OAO “Joint Grain Company”.

According to import conditions the officials from the Regional Office of the Rosselkhoznadzor for St.Petersburg and the Leningradskaya Oblast carried out sampling of these consignments on August 13 and 19 for GMO tests and the samples were directed to the FGI “VGNKI”, and afterwards the veterinary certificates for products 6.3 were issued. At this, a part of the consignment (aprox. 1500 t) was directed for storage in Saint-Petersburg. According to the requisition of the recipient company and to the letter from the administration of OAO “Reservkhleb” about lack of the necessary storage capacity for the whole imported consignment, the rest of the consignment was directed to the other RF subjects (the Moscovskaya, Belgorodskaya, Vologodskaya, Voronezhskaya, Murmanskaya Oblasts) in contempt of the import conditions and before receiving of the test results.

According to the FGI “VGNKI” test reports GMO-containing soy (line 40-3-2 (Monsanta), more than 52%) was detected in these products. This line of GMO-containing soy and the soy oil meal produced by the German company “Silo Rothensee Gmbh&Co.KG” are registered in the Russian Federation (registration number KGM-AZ-2-7/0071 dd.10.04.2208).

In connection with the detected violations it is required that you should audit the recipient-company OAO “Joint Grain Company” because the company provided unreliable information about GMO component absence in soy oil meal, and take all the measures for fulfillment of import conditions indicated in the Rosselkhoznadzor import permission.

Inform the Rosselkhoznadzor of the results and taken measures.

Besides, at preparing the petition for import the productive capacity of storehouses should be checked considering existence of the previously issued storage agreements with other economic entities. In case measures are not taken, the operation of the Rosselkhoznadzor Permission No. FS/UVN-03/17682 dd. 13.08.2009 will be suspended.

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Sep 16, 2009

Categorys: Normative documents , Surveillance of the quality and safety of grain