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Rosselkhoznadzor Instruction of 18.06.2009 No.FS-NV-2/5925

Non-recurrent deliveries of breeding cattle to the Russian Federation from the whole territory of Slovakia will be authorized from 19 June 2009 in view of improvement of the situation on bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) in the Slovak Republic. Animals should be born in the Slovak Republic not earlier than in 2006 and should not belong to BSE-affected cohorts.

Breeding cattle import from the Slovak Republic will be authorized on security of the Administration and the Veterinary Service of the Subject of the Russian Federation to the territory of which the cattle will be imported. The following additional security measures against BSE should be implemented:
- imported cattle will be identified and registered in the Veterinary Service of the Russian Federation;
- in case of imported animal movement the Veterinary Service of the Russian Federation Subject from which animals are moved should notify about that the Veterinary Service of the Russian Federation Subject into which animals will be moved before animal movement;
- imported animal slaughter will be carried out in the authorized meat-processing plant (slaughterhouse) at the end of a shift separately from other animals;
- animals slaughtered over 30 months of age will be subject to individual ante-mortem clinical examination for the detection of signs typical for BSE and post-mortem examination according to the Rules for post-mortem examination of cattle imported from BSE-affected countries, approved by the Order of the Russian Federation Ministry of Agriculture of 9 July 2007 No. 356;
- costs for additional security measures and BSE testing should be paid by the owner of animals unless otherwise provided by the decision of the Administration of the Russian Federation Subject.

In its request for animal import the Veterinary Authority of the Russian Federation Subject into which cattle import from Slovakia is planned, should guarantee that the abovementioned requirements are fully met. Progeny of breeding cattle imported from the Slovak Republic and stud bull semen can be used in the whole territory of the Russian Federation without BSE restrictions, provided that each individual cattle will be identified using standard tags.

This Instruction should be accepted for execution and brought to notice of all lower and interested organizations.

Jun 19, 2009

Categorys: Normative documents , Import. Export. Transit