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Russian Federation Has Been Recognized as a Country with FMD Free Zone without Vaccination

During 2015 the Rosselkhoznadzor made persistent efforts for the Russian Federation to be officially recognized by the World Animal Health Organization (OIE) as a country having an FMD zone where vaccination is not practiced. This status is of critical importance for gaining an opportunity to export animal products from this zone to the foreign countries. According to the OIE procedure applications for official disease status recognition are reviewed during the meetings of a relevant OIE Working group that are held twice a year. The materials prepared by the Working group are submitted to the OIE Scientific Commission that is to take the final decision whether to recognize the disease status applied for or to refuse it.

Following the revision of all the materials submitted by the Russian Federation to the Scientific Commission a decision was made on compliance of all submitted documented evidence with the requirements of the OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Code.

On May 24 during the 84th OIE General Session resolutions on recognition of official disease statuses were reviewed. The resolution on the recognition of the Russian Federation as a country having an FMD free zone without vaccination was approved unanimously.

On May 26, 2016, on the last day of the open session of the 84th OIE General Session during the official ceremony the Russian delegation was awarded with a certificate stating that Russia is a country having an FMD free zone without vaccination. This status will facilitate the access of the Russian agricultural products to the international markets.


May 27, 2016

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