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Rosselkhoznadzor Participates in the 4th Meeting of Standing Group of Experts on ASF in the Eastern Europe and Baltic

The 4th meeting of Standing Group of experts on ASF in the Eastern Europe and Baltic was held in the framework of the 84th General Session of the OIE Delegates.

The approval of the final report and recommendations of the 3rd Meeting of the group which had been held in March, 2016 in Moscow was brought to the agenda. Summary reports on the current epidemic situation on ASF, changes in disease control methods and implementation of recommendations approved at the previous meetings regarding control of the disease spread in domestic swine and wild boar populations were made.

The group participants were specifically concerned of the ongoing disease spread in the territory of Ukraine, particularly in increase of ASF outbreaks in domestic pigs in regions which had been previously free from the disease, located in close proximity to Moldavia and Romania borders. Such increase in outbreaks in domestic pigs was probably connected with insufficient surveillance of wild boars. This fact multiply increases the risk of further disease spread in the West and Central Europe.

Taking into consideration the high risk of further disease spread it was decided to invite the representatives of the West European countries bordering on Ukraine, such as Moldova, Hungary and Romania into the working group. Further invitation of other neighboring countries including Slovakia and Finland as observers is possible.

Also considering the fact that a huge percent of pig population in the Republic of Moldova is kept in private backyards but not at the large enterprises with sufficient level of biosafety it was decided to suggest Moldova to accept a group of independent experts with Konstantin Gruzdev, Professor of the FGBI “ARRIAH” as a member.


May 26, 2016

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