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About Serious Concern of the Rosselkhoznadzor about Rapid Spread of Lumpy Skin Disease of Cattle and Bluetongue in the Territory of the European Union

Active spread of lumpy skin disease and bluetongue is observed in Mediterranean area and other parts of Europe, which causes serious economic losses. The Rosselkhoznadzor repeatedly suggested to the competent authorities of the European Union to expand international cooperation in the area of control of these diseases due to the risks arising for third countries.

However, the programs of joint control of lumpy skin disease and bluetongue have not been developed to date, and this year lumpy skin disease virus has established itself and became widespread on the territory of Bulgaria and Greece, and bluetongue virus — in France, Austria, Albania, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In other words, there is a zone permanently affected by these diseases in the European Union, besides, the establishment of lumpy skin disease and bluetongue increases the risk of their further spread. 118 outbreaks of lumpy skin disease of cattle have been officially reported in Greece in the last nine months, which is 7 times more than the total number of outbreaks registered during the last 9 months of unfavourable epizootic period in Russia. In April of this year three outbreaks of this disease have already been registered in Bulgaria. It proves inefficiency of the approach of Veterinary Services of the affected countries and EU as a whole. Taking into account high morbidity among susceptible animals (up to 95%) and the fact that no vaccination against lumpy skin disease was performed in a number of European countries, one has to agree that the situation is extremely serious. The problem of further spread of bluetongue remains acute this year — 92 disease outbreaks have already been registered in the EU since the beginning of this year — in France and in Austria.

Apr 19, 2016

Categorys: Veterinary , Epizootic situation