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Deputy Head of Rosselkhoznadzor, Chief Veterinary Officer of the Russian Federation N.A. Vlasov Appeals to Economic Entities

The Rosselkhoznadzor informs economic entities importing, exporting and providing transit for products of animal origin under veterinary surveillance that:
In order to improve veterinary control in the Russian Federation, the Rosselkhoznadzor has set up an integrated, web-oriented, modular, computerized information system “Argus” (State Veterinary Surveillance). This system is set up for automatic loading, analysis and distribution of import and export licenses (bans), licences for transit of animals, products and raw materials of animal origin. Its purpose is also to register data on consignments going through boarder checkpoints of the RF state border in one database. It also ensures exchange of data between the Rosselkhoznadzor, veterinary authorities of the RF Subjects and economic entities.

Usage of “Argus” together with the Internet helps to immediately distribute information on applications for import/export/transit of consignments under surveillance, on issued licences, denial of licences and etc. among veterinary authorities of the RF Subjects and economic entities.

Now “Argus” is in test mode throughout the whole country and it has the following options associated with the economic entities.

An economic entity may draw up import/export and transit applications for consignments under surveillance and accompanying documents and submit them to the veterinary authorities of the RF Subjects, keep track of the applications and get on-line information on the document processing. It is important that a programme unit of an economic entity enables the entity to control the correct form of the application, thus preventing possible denial in case of a mistake. It will help to save time because such denials and repeated submissions are avoided.

After 15 March 2009 all veterinary authorities of the RF Subjects shall adopt “Argus”- based system to make requests for the Rosselkhoznadzor authorizations for import/export/transit into/from the Russian Federation.

There are two technical ways to make a request.

The first one. An economic entity makes an electronic request and submits it using the Internet to the veterinary authority of the RF Subject where import/export is planned.

The second one. An economic entity makes a hard copy of the request and submits it to the veterinary authority of the RF Subject where import/export is planned. On the basis of the request an electronic copy is made, processed within “Argus” and submitted to the Department of Veterinary Surveillance.

It is obvious that the second way is more time-consuming for the veterinary authorities of the RF Subjects where import/export is planned. Therefore, such a request will be considered with a delay unlike the electronic copy.

All economic entities interested in the system will be provided access to it in the nearest future.

According to the information given above, we would like to draw attention of the economic entities (firms and organizations, private and individual entrepreneurs and etc.) that are involved into import/export/transit of consignments under veterinary surveillance to the following.

The access to the system is available now only through the Internet, all the activities between the economic entities and the Rosselkhoznadzor proxy server are carried out on-line. The Internet access to “Argus” is free of charge and will be free in the future. Box software will be soon available and it will support interface of the economic entity programme unit including “off-line” mode. Using this version of the programme, an operator may prepare applications in his own computer regardless of the Internet access. After the Internet is connected, prepared applications are transmitted to the Rosselkhoznadzor proxy servers. The box software will be further sold as well as other software.

The access to “Argus” (either through the Internet or locally) is possible only with a user ID. Every user (members of state veterinary services and other regulatory bodies, economic entities and etc.) has functions which determine the part of information that the user shall have an access to.

The system is provided with unauthorized access protection, i.e. an economic entity may have access to the information associated with its interests but does not have an access to information requested by other economic entities.

It means that every economic entity shall register in the system before using it. Minimal data necessary for the registration shall be attested by veterinary authorities of the RF Subjects where this economic entity is situated. The registration is single and free of charge for the economic entity.

In order to make users (including economic entities) familiar with “Argus” system, training courses are provided where the users are taught to work in the system. The training is being held now in Vladimir, in the FGI “Federal Centre for Animal Health”, since there is a computer-equipped classroom. The training is held on a paid basis (as of 01.02.09 from 2000 to 5000 rubles per person depending on the training programme. In case of inflation the cost will be changed according to its level). The training is scheduled for 2 working days (10 class hours). The training is not obligatory: every operator may study the system and its interface by himself, using the Internet and free of charge. All information concerning “Argus” may be found here on official page of the system within information portal of the Rosselkhoznadzor (http://www.fsvps.ru). All information on the training and application forms is provided on the same web-page.

Feb 13, 2009

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