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Computerized System "Veterinary Surveillance"

This information does not concern Veterinary Services of the Subjects of the Russian Federation:

  1. Vladimirskaya Oblast
  2. Kaliningradskaya Oblast
  3. Kaluzhskaya Oblast
  4. Leningradskaya Oblast
  5. Moskovskaya Oblast
  6. Pskovskaya Oblast
  7. Ryazanskaya Oblast
  8. Tambovskaya Oblast
  9. Tverskaya Oblast
  10. Tulskaya Oblast
  11. Moscow
  12. St. Petersburg

For the improvement of the veterinary surveillance in the Russian Federation the Rosselkhoznadzor established a computerized system "Veterinary Surveillance" (further CSVS) designed for automatization of the process of entry, analysis and mailing of permits (bans) for import, export and transit movement of animals, products and raw materials of animal origin in the territorial administrations of the Rosselkhoznadzor, for registration of transit of these consignments through checkpoints on the State Border of the Russian Federation in the common database and for data exchange between the Rosselkhoznadzor and its territorial administrations as well as veterinary authorities of the Subjects of the Russian Federation.

Establishment of CSVS will enable to send information using Internet on issued permissions for import (export) of consignments under surveillance, feeds, etc. to the veterinary authorities of the Subjects of the Russian Federation, to communicate information on imposed or lifted restrictions on import of the products under surveillance from different countries of the world community to all heads of territorial administrations of the Rosselkhoznadzor and to solve other problems in particular area.

Currently, CSVS gives the following opportunities:

  • an economic entity can automatically send a request for import/export to the veterinary authority of the Subject of the Russian Federation;
  • veterinary authorities of the Subject of the Russian Federation can receive and consider requests for import/export of consignments from economic entities and to draw up requests to the Rosselkhoznadzor;
  • the Rosselkhoznadzor can receive in electronic format requests from veterinary authorities of the Subjects of the Russian Federation for import/export of consignments under control, from veterinary authorities of CIS-countries, requests for transit through the territory of Russia, prepare permissions for import/export or transit through the territory of the Russian Federation interactively.

In connection therewith:

  1. I bind the FGI "ARRIAH" (Vladimirskaya Oblast):
    • to provide access to the software "Veterinary Surveillance" (except for the Subjects that already work with CSVS) on requests from chief veterinary officers of the Russian Federation Subjects by 15.03.2009;
    • to settle issues concerning organization of training on this software on the basis of the FGI ARRIAH in Vladimir (Vladimirskaya Oblast) for the veterinary authority specialists in January;
    • to hold training workshops for the veterinary authority specialists of the Subjects of the Russian Federation on the work with the software "Veterinary Surveillance" by 15.03.2009.
  2. I give the following recommendations to the heads of veterinary authorities of the Subjects of the Russian Federation (except for the Subjects that already work with CSVS):
    • to provide specialists with a high-speed access to the Internet;
    • to send specialists that are PC users to the FGI "ARRIAH" (Vladimirskaya Oblast) for training in work with CSVS;
    • to get an access to CSVS after consultation with the FGI "ARRIAH" (for this purpose it is necessary to send an official letter on the blank of organization signed by the Head to Belik Ye.V., Director of the FGI "ARRIAH", by fax (4922) 26 – 38 – 77, with indication of:
      • full name of an employee,
      • name of an institution,
      • personal e-mail address (login credentials and instructions will be sent to this address), contact telephone number),

      On additional questions connected with access to the software you can apply to the following addresses: osminin-as-071206@fsvps.ru и talisov-me-071206@fsvps.ru;

    • to send confirmation to the Rosselkhoznadzor on willingness to prepare requests after 15 March 2009 to issue approvals of the Rosselkhoznadzor for import to/export from the Russian Federation using software "Veterinary Surveillance".
  3. As for accommodation, hotel reservation, catering and transfer of trainees, please, apply to the FGI "ARRIAH" (contact information and information on timing and place of training will be at the Rosselkhoznadzor web-site in the section "Events" http://fsvps.ru/fsvps/events/index.jsp?_language=ru and in News Agency of the Rosselkhoznadzor Mail System).

N.A. Vlasov

Deputy Head

Jan 21, 2009

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