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Major results of inspections conducted by the Rosselkhoznadzor at Greek establishments seeking to export animal products to the Russian market

As previously reported, by agreement with authorized authorities of Russian partners in the Customs Union (Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan) specialists of the Rosselkhoznadzor inspected 15 establishments producing products of animal origin. During the inspection a set of deficiencies including systemic ones was detected and they require corrective measures. In particular, they related to tracing systems at establishments as well as guarantee systems in reference to raw milk intended for processing.

Thereby, the Rosselkhoznadzor recommended the Greek Veterinary Service to take measures aimed at removal of deficiencies and to present documented evidences of taken measures with their effectiveness evaluation. Summarizing the inspection results and despite detection of deficiencies that could be corrected in the short term the Rosselkhoznadzor arrived at a following decision – to reserve the right for export to Russia products from four milk-processing establishments, five fish-processing establishments and one establishment engaged in production of ready-to-eat meat products. Besides, it was resolved to include on the Register of establishments and parties engaged in production, processing and/or storage of regulated goods exported to the customs territory of the Customs Union three establishments for production of meat products and two establishments for production of fish products and seafood. Taking into account changes in names and activity status of some Greek establishments it was also decided to make alterations in the Register of establishments of third countries.

Due to the fact that there are disagreements with factual names and activity status of some Greek establishments included on the Register of third country establishments as well as resulting from the refusal of some Greek establishments to conduct inspections in light of their disinterest in exports and termination of operations the Rosselkhoznadzor requested the National Veterinary Service of Greece to present an up-to-date list of Greek establishments from a number of included on the Register third country establishments. The Rosselkhoznadzor forwarded to the Veterinary Service of Greece a draft report on conducted by Rosselkhoznadzor specialists inspection.


May 28, 2015

Categorys: Veterinary , Import. Export. Transit