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Three levels the audits for exports to Russia

Dr. Alexie Alekseenko Assistant head of Rosselkhoznadzor together with the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Greece Mr. Panagiotis Sgouridis

During the meeting between the Russian delegation headed by Dr. Alexey Alexeyenko assistant head of Rosselkhoznadzor and the leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture of Greece on the 30th of April it was decided that two protocols of cooperation between the Veterinary and Phytosanitary Services of Greece and Rosselkhoznadzor have to be signed.

Furthermore mentioned that, because of the economic crisis which has causes, between others, the understaffing of the Greek veterinary services, several of the companies, which have been inspected by Rosselkhoznadzor, seem to be significant weak as their preparation for the inspection regards. Specifically, non-conformities were found concerning the fulfillment of the requirements of the Russian legislation and the supervision obligations of the Greek Veterinary Services. However some of the companies were well prepared and there will be no need to take any significant corrective actions.

In order to overcome the described problematic situation, it has been defined that the control system and quality assurance of the products hereinafter will consist of three compulsory levels:

The first level will be the interested companies, which consciously and constantly should fulfill the requirements of the Russian legislation.

The second level will be the pre-audits and the audits by A CERT European Organization for Certification (there will be inspections in the facilities and sampling in the cargo regularly). A CERT has developed a trustable and effective inspection and certification system which is going to guarantee the delivery of quality agricultural and food products to Russia which is welcomed by the agricultural and food industry.

The third level will be the competent national authorities of Greece conducting their part of the job in compatibility with the Russian requirements.


May 5, 2015

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