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Customs Union Memorandum on Scientific Support for Plants Quarantine is Terminated

The CU member states signed a Memorandum on Scientific Support for Plant Quarantine on the 5th of April, 2011. The Memorandum was signed to support the CU member state phytosanitary authorities by arranging joint research, developing scientific-methodological phytosanitary rules, developing common approaches to implementation of phytosanitary measures and by other activities ensuring effective prevention of pest introduction and effective pest control. The Republican Unitary Enterprise of the Republic of Belarus "Institute of Plant Protection" that is accredited to provide scientific and methodical support for plant quarantine within the CU expressed its wish to cease cooperation within the abovementioned Memorandum.

Director of the institute S.V. Soroka noted that there is not a scientific unit in the Institute structure dealing with plant quarantine research and the research in this field has not been financed so far”.

The Rosselkhoznadzor is very much concerned about the situation because taking into that the Belarus colleagues regularly violated Russian phytosanitary requirements it is dubious whether the Republic of Belarus carries out/does not carry out any phytosanitary risk analysis for pests included into the national pest control list and reliability of the carried out phytosanitary tests causes a lot of doubts.

Therefore, the plant quarantine activities taken within the CU framework, i.e. within the Eurasian Economic Commission, will not have adequate scientific support. Pursuant to the requirements for this type of research it is necessary to harmonize their results with the accredited scientific institutions, therefore, the pattern of cooperation between such institutions is pretty unclear in this situation.

The fact that Belarus withdraws from the Memorandum imperils creation of the CU common pest list and common CU phytosanitary requirements that have been developed since 2011.


Mar 3, 2015

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